Newsreader complains over King affair rumours

Swedish television newsreader Anna Lindmarker has made an official complaint against her own channel, TV4, after a comedy programme said she was King Carl Gustaf's mistress.

In the satirical panel game Parlementet on 25th September, panelists were invited to comment on “the unfaithful king”, following the naming in Solo magazine of three of Carl Gustaf’s supposed mistresses.

Lindmarker was named several times by panel member Johan Glans, even as the panel joked about how awful it was that the three women’s identities had been revealed.

In the complaint to the Broadcasting Commission, the channel is accused of violating Lindmarker’s private life, of not observing its duty to provide accurate information.

According to Lindmarker’s lawyer Percy Bratt, the programme breached the conditions of its licence.

“The accusations in the programme about Anna Lindmarker’s sexual relations with the king have been given currency by being repeated again and again,” Bratt wrote in his complaint.

The newsreader’s bosses at TV4 say they support their news anchorwoman’s decision to file a complaint.

Göran Ellung, public relations manager at TV4, said Lindmarker had discussed the issue with the company’s chief executive, who had advised her to report Parlementet.

“It is quite right that Anna has chosen to do this, given that she felt violated by the debate that followed the programme,” Ellung told Dagens Nyheter.

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