Porn priest picks up 800,000 kronor

A priest who was forced to leave his job after being caught surfing on the internet for porn will receive 800,000 kronor in severance pay.

The priest has worked in a small parish in Värmland for almost 20 years. In the autumn of 2004 it was revealed that he had browsed pornographic web sites several times from a computer in the pastor’s office.

At the time, the church chapter gave him a warning but he was allowed to remain in his post. But the local parish council felt that it was inappropriate for the priest to be in a position of leadership and dismissed him.

Later, the dismissal was retracted and the priest resigned voluntarily.

“They realised that there wasn’t enough support for them to be able to fire him,” said Mats Flygare, the priest’s union representative in the diocese, to the paper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen.

That meant that the priest received 32 months’ salary.

“We came to an amicable settlement, with no ill-feeling between anyone. Nobody wanted this to go to the labour courts. All parties are agreed,” said the chairman of the church council.

TT/The Local