Swedes most confident in Reinfeldt

The leader of the Moderate Party, Fredrik Reinfeldt, is the party leader in whom Swedes have the greatest confidence, according to a new poll carried out for newspaper Aftonbladet by Sifo.

The gap between the Moderates’ leader and prime minister Göran Persson is also greater than in previous polls.

48% of those interviewed by Sifo said that they have ‘great’ or ‘very great’ confidence in Fredrik Reinfeldt, which represents a 5% increase on the last time such a survey was carried out.

Public confidence in Göran Persson has also increased, but only by 2% to 32%, according to Sifo. The poll group nevertheless pointed out that the rise in the prime minister’s rating is not statistically sound.

The Left Party’s Lars Ohly saw his rating rise from 9% to 13%, and support for the Green Party’s spokesmen, Maria Wetterstrand and Peter Eriksson, rose 1% to 25%.

The leader of the Centre Party, Maud Olofsson remained on 31%, while the number of people with ‘great’ or ‘very great’ confidence in Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg rose from 28% to 30%.

The poll was based on a nationally representative selection of 965 people over the age of 18. They were interviewed by telephone between December 12th and December 15th.

TT/The Local