Austrian plane in Arlanda emergency landing

Eighty-five passengers were evacuated from an Austrian Airlines plane as it landed at Stockholm's Arlanda airport on Tuesday morning.

The plane, a Fokker 70 arriving from Vienna, experienced technical problems during the landing procedure just before 10.30am and the passengers were forced to disembark on the runway.

During the approach to Arlanda the pilots noticed that there was something wrong with the plane’s wheels and emergency services at the airport were put on full alert. The plane flew low over the airport so that the ground staff in the control tower could see whether the wheels had emerged.

“The wheels seemed to have come down and the plane was given permission to land,” said Niclas Härenstam, press officer at Arlanda.

“When the plane landed it became clear that there was something wrong with the shutters around the wheels.”

The plane remained on the runway and the passengers were bussed to the terminal. Air traffic at the airport was not affected, since the plane had been directed to land on a different runway.

TT/The Local