Stepfather held for boy murder

The stepfather of a twelve-year old boy found dead in his home in Värmland, western Sweden, in December, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The boy was found hanged on December 13th, St. Lucia Day. The police initially suspected suicide, according to local paper Nya Wermlands-tidningen.

But on Sunday the boy’s stepfather, who is in his thirties, was charged with murder. Police in Karlstad are holding him on the highest grade of suspicion in the Swedish system, meaning that they believe the case against the man is strong. He had been arrested several days earlier.

“He is denying committing the crime,” the man’s lawyer, Lennart Lefverström, told TT.

Police and prosecutors are currently refusing to make any statements, other than to confirm that no further people are currently being held in connection with the boy’s death. It is not known what led to the man’s arrest or what the charges are based on.

TT/The Local