Net sex trickster “assaulted 38 girls”

The trial of a 30 year old man who is accused of sexually assaulting 38 girls he met through the internet has begun in Malmö. He kept a computer database of 150 girls, the youngest of whom was just 12 years old when the alleged abuse took place.

According to the prosecution, the man, who was previously resident in various parts of Norrland, has been contacting girls across the country through online chatrooms since the late 1990s.

At first he presented himself as a masseur called Alexander, who needed girls to practice on. Later he began operating under the name of Alexandra – a kind and understanding female internet friend who would arrange modelling work for the girls.

They were also offered the chance to meet young men, where the girls themselves would be able to decide how much sexual contact took place. But the man they met was the 30 year old and in several cases he is said to have forced them to have sex with him using varying degrees of violence.

The charges against the man range from harassment and seduction of a minor to several cases of rape.

The man denies most of the allegations and says that he is not Alexandra.

The trial, which began on Wednesday morning in Malmö district court, is expected to last until the beginning of April. After the opening statements and initial proceedings, the testimonies of witnesses are expected to be held behind closed doors.

TT/The Local