Internet operators not pleasing customers

More than eight out of ten Swedes use the internet, but only 56 percent of them are happy with their operator.

This is one result of a survey by PTS, the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency, into Swedes’ attitudes to internet and telephony services.

The survey is based on the results of a questionnaire filled in by 4,000 Swedes between 16 and 75.

Their answers give a mixed picture for internet and cable operators- while dissatisfaction with their services grew, more people are still switching to more advanced services like broadband and digital TV.

Dissatisfaction with internet operators was demonstrated by the fact that eleven percent of people had switched operator in the last six months. The most frequent reasons given by those switching were that they had been offered a cheaper deal elsewhere or that they were upgrading to broadband.

Almost half of Swedes now have broadband at home, an increase of 16 percentage points since 2004.

One in three has Telia Sonera as their operator at home, meaning that the company’s market share has fallen. In contrast, Bredbandsbolaget’s market share has risen, and the company’s customers now make up ten percent of the market.

The study also shows that two out of three internet users use the world wide web to buy goods and services – an increase of nine percent since 2004. Seventy-six percent of surfers have given personal details, such as a private email address or home postal address, over the internet in the past year.

Nearly ninety percent of Swedes with an internet subscription have done something to protect their computer – most frequently installing a firewall. Despite this, seven out of ten people have been hit by viruses or spam.

Just over half of all households have digital television. Of those that do, one in three has Boxer as their provider, with fewer people subscribed to Canal Digital.

Mobile phone use remained constant in 2005, with nine out of ten people using a mobile. Four percent have given up their fixed line at home.

Two out of three were happy with their mobile operators. Ten percent have changed operator in the past six months, a significant increase compared with previous years.

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