Knutby pastor demands European hearing

The former pastor of Knutby, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of his second wife and for the attempted murder of a neighbour in January 2004, is to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Helge Fossmo – who did not actually pull the trigger but was said to have manipulated his children’s nanny into committing the killing – told Dagens Nyheter that he had been judged before the trial. He also argues that the expert witnesses called at the trial were not impartial.

On January 10th 2004 Alexandra Fossmo was shot dead while she was asleep in the village of Knutby, not far from Uppsala. She was the wife of Pastor Helge Fossmo, one of the leaders of the extreme Pentecostal sect that dominates village life, and sister of the woman many claimed was the cult’s real leader, Åsa Waldau – otherwise known as the Bride of Christ.

A short while later, the killer knocked on the door of a neighbour, Daniel Linde, whose wife was having an affair with the pastor, and shot him as he opened the door. He survived.

The Fossmos’ nanny, Sara Svensson, admitted to the shootings from the start, but claimed that she was being controlled by the manipulative pastor.

But the pastor maintains that he is innocent and says that the Swedish courts have breached his human rights.

The European Court will not deliver a verdict on the case itself – only on whether an abuse of the procedure has taken place. It can award damages, but cannot overturn a verdict.

An application has been made to the court but it is not clear when the case will be heard, reported DN.

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