Behave – your boss is watching

Half of all Swedish employers monitor how their staff use the Internet – but if you're reading this article at your office, relax: very few are looking to catch people slacking on the job.

These are some of the findings from a new report from Datainspektionen (the Swedish Data Inspection Board). But the survey of around 100 Swedish companies and government agencies also found that many workplaces had unclear rules about how the internet could be used at work.

Very few employers monitored their employees’ emails. In most cases, emails were only checked when there had been a virus attack or where a crime was suspected.

Employees surfing habits were generally only monitored to make sure they were not visiting “unethical” websites. But the report criticised employers for not defining clearly what constituted an unethical website, and for not giving clear information to their workers about what was acceptable.

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