“Securitas robbers” go on trial

The trial of five men charged with robbing a Securitas security vehicle in Hallunda, near Stockholm, have gone on trial in a court in the capital.

The men are accused of stealing 14.8 million kronor from the van in Hallunda, last August, where the vehicle was held up with automatic weapons, before being blowing it up and the perpetrators making away with containers of money. The robbers also set light to around ten cars.

The five people, who are being tried at Huddinge district court, are charged with robbery, serious gun crimes and receiving stolen goods. All the men are aged between 20 and 27.

Between four and sex people took part in the robbery itself. Around twenty people are believed to have been involved in impeding the police response by burning cars and putting obstacles in the road in the area around Botkyrka, Huddinge and Salem.

The attack on the Securitas van was well-planned, prosecutor Nils Lundberg wrote in his submission to the court. It was carried out with ruthlessness and brutality using loaded weapons, he wrote.

TT/The Local