Sex pest accused blames ‘woman’

A court in Malmö has witnessed extraordinary exchanges between prosecutors and a man who allegedly posed as a woman called Alexandra to lure teenage girls to take explicit photos of themselves and meet him for sex.

“Your mind’s made up – you don’t care who Alexandra is,” the 30-year old man told prosecutor Ulrik Rogland.

Prosecutors say that the man tricked a large number of girls using the pseudonym Alexandra. The girls felt secure as they believed that they were chatting with a woman, and therefore went further than they otherwise would have done, the prosecution argues. The case that the 30-year old had systematically planned the crimes hangs on the allegation that he was ‘Alexandra’.

But the 30-year old claims that Alexandra is a real person, who provides sexual services through the internet. Under cross-examination on Monday morning the man said that he had met her several times, had sex with her and helped her with her computer.

“I knew her from my school days in Umeå,” he told the court.

A large number of emails and other documents in Alexandra’s name have been found in the man’s computer. This he explained by saying that he had discovered her password and thereby been able to log into her computer and email account and copy the contents.

“An unwarranted violation,” he admitted.

There then followed a detailed technical discussion between the accused and the prosecutor. Rogland read aloud records from his police interviews, to demonstrate that he had changed his explanations several times.

But the 30-year old went on the offensive.

“In the first interview I lied because I didn’t want to be suspected of pimping. Since then I’ve said the same thing,” he said, adding that he had offered to search for ‘Alexandra on the internet, but had been forbidden by Rogland.

Following his cross examination, the prosecutor said he was still convinced that the man was ‘Alexandra’. All the information the 30-year old had given about the supposed woman – her photo, name, possible home town and school background – had according to Rogland been followed up without result.

TT/The Local