Ferry boss arrested for fraud

The chief executive of a Swedish ferry company has been arrested and is accused of defrauding the state of millions.

Sten-Crister Forsberg, CEO of Destination Gotland, was held after prosecutors issued an arrest warrant. Police searched the company’s office in Visby, on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland, on Tuesday morning, and revealed that Forsberg was suspected of financial crimes.

According to a report to the police from Rikstrafiken, which distributes state transport subsidies, Gotland has received between 50 and 100 million kronor too much from the state for projects including the rebuilding of dock areas.

Forsberg has previously gone on record to deny the accusations.

Destination Gotland’s owner, Rederi AB Gotland, released a press release saying it hoped the matter would be dealt with quickly in order to demonstrate that nothing untoward had taken place.

“Ever since Rikstrafiken made its complaint we have stated that it was groundless,” Jan-Erik Rosengren, chief executive of Rederi AB Gotland, wrote.

The company has not been allowed to see a copy of Rikstrafiken’s complaint since it was made six months ago, the company says.