Elusive rapist returns to Swedish town

Police have confirmed that the man who carried out a brutal rape in Umeå in December was the so-called "Haga man", who has evaded capture for numerous other attacks in the area.

After receiving DNA results the investigation team stated that the same man who raped six women between 1998 and 2001 has struck again. He began with a 14 year old girl whom he attacked in the Haga area of Umeå, sparking the biggest police search in the town’s history.

None of the crimes were solved by police, and the attacker’s elusiveness prompted one investigator at the time to describe him as “like water”.

On December 10th a middle-aged woman was attacked on her way home from a restaurant. She was raped and, police say that she was a victim of attempted murder.

Biological traces were analysed by the National Forensics Laboratory, and revealed that the same man had carried out the attack.

Police have now warned women in the city to be on their guard once again.

“It creates insecurity when we have such a rapist on the loose,” said Göran Markström, who is leading the investigation, to Svenska Dagbladet.

“I think it’s terrible that not everyone can go about their business freely, but we urge women to be careful.”

Markström pointed out to the paper that statistically Umeå is a safe city.

“But we know that he commits the crimes between 1am and 3am before a weekend day,” he warned.