Row as Swedish billionaire snaps up fun park

The Lindgren family, the former owners of Gröna Lund, have said that they will try to stop a Swedish billionaire from buying the amusement park.

“I have to question whether this has been handled correctly and we are trying to find out how we can stop the deal,” said John John Lindgren.

The billionaire in question is Johan Tidstrand, the great grandson of the founder of the retail chain Clas Ohlson, and he’s bidding for Kolmården wildlife park and Skara Sommarland as well as the Stockholm favourite.

On Tuesday the company Parks and Resorts Scandinavia (PRS) announced that they were selling the three parks to Tidstrand. Members of the Lindgren family own almost 15% of the shares in PRS, a remnant of the deal which saw Gröna Lund taken over by the company in 2001.

In recent years the Lindgrens have had different views to the rest of the owners on how PRS should be run. Tuesday’s sale of the subsidiary came as a surprise to the family, according to John John Lindgren.

“We were at the annual general meeting where the sale was discussed but the others ignored what we said. I don’t know any more about the sale than what I’ve read in the papers.”

Disagreements among the owners about the development of PRS have centred on where to invest and to what ends.

“The other owners want short term investments which boost the cash flow in the company so they can sell quick and high,” said Lindgren.