New York move for Princess Madeleine

Sweden's Princess Madeleine is to move to New York - but if she was hoping for some anonymity in the Big Apple she'll be disappointed.

The princess is due to take her final university exam next week and then, along with three pals, will head off to the US.

What exactly she’ll do there is not yet decided, according to her mentor at the palace, Lena Ramel.

“The king and queen are deciding with her and I can’t say any more at this stage,” she told Expressen.

The options, apparently are work experience with UNICEF or further studies.

“But it’s the move itself that’s most important for Madeleine,” said one of the princess’s friends to the tabloid.

Wednesday’s Aftonbladet described how the princess was looking forward to being a normal girl-about-town in the city, unhampered by the likes of the paper itself.

But such hopes of anonymity in New York were dashed when the city’s own gossip rag, the New York Post, picked up the scent.

It announced that the “honey-haired royal” was on her way, noting that she was to reside in a “posh Manhattan pad”.

Madeleine’s boyfriend, Jonas Bergström, will not be joining her.