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Promotion: Långholmen International FC

If you are interested in a game of football, email us at [email protected].

Långholmen International Football Club was formed in 2002. It has grown from a dozen or so English-speaking exiles looking for a bit of exercise and a chance to try a Cruyff turn or two on a Saturday afternoon, to a club with four teams, regular training and a lively social network. Since 2002 our teams have won promotion five times and a couple of championships. We’ve also played in an international tournament in Berlin and hosted one here in Stockholm.

2006 season

Apart from a warm welcome, we can offer you regular kickabouts and the chance to join one of our teams. In 2006 we will be entering four teams: in Stockholm Division Six, the Reserve League (both 11-a-side, 90 minutes), Korpen Divison Two (11-a-side, 60 minutes) and Women’s Korpen (7-a-side).

Nick and Chris, the Division six and Reserve team trainers will be starting up regular training sessions very soon. All are welcome to come along, though a lot of players are happy to stick to the Saturday kickabouts and to play in the Korpen team. The women’s team also have regular training.

At the moment we are arranging indoor games on Saturdays, but as soon as the ice starts to thaw we will be having kickabouts out at our spiritual home on the gravel of Långholmen island; near Hornstull, Stockholm.


As Långholmen tends to attract the international community, players come and go quite frequently. So new players are always welcome.

As you can gather, English is the main language used by Långholmen players, but we recently decided to add International to our name to emphasize that a) all nationalities are welcome, and b) the club has always been proudly multi-national.

Although the first group that got together for kickabouts in 2002 were mainly English, Irish and Scottish, we soon had players from the rest of the world – and even quite a few from Sweden! In fact our roll-call includes regular players from Peru, Poland, Columbia, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia and even Brazil and Argentina.

A lot of the members keep in touch via our web forum and there’s usually someone going out for a beer.

Aidan Isherwood, Långholmen International FC, 2006