Snow covers freezing Sweden

As snowfall sweeping in from the east covered almost all of Sweden on Friday morning, forecasters warned that temperatures would continue falling over the weekend.

The temperature plummeted to below -40C in Vajumat in Lappland overnight, a record for this winter. But with a vicious wind in the west and north of the country, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute did not rule out a drop to -50C.

Thermometers in Stockholm were showing -10C while Gothenburg and Malmö were relatively tropical, with -7C and -3C respectively.

Around 20cm of snow was expected to fall across Sweden during Friday.

“There’s going to be more snow throughout the day, and all the way up the east coast people should prepare for snow all day tomorrow too,” said Jan Näs at SMHI.

The icy weather is causing serious problems on the roads. On Thursday 32 vehicles were involved in a pile-up which left the E4 north of Stockholm closed for over five hours. Friday morning was no better, with dozens of smaller accidents reported across the country.

A number of minor roads in the west of Sweden were closed due to snowfall, while a limited train service was operating between Malmö and Ystad in the south.

The treacherous conditions are likely to remain for another few days.

“On Sunday afternoon the temperature is expected to climb a little, but the snow will stay,” said Jan Näs.