Swedish women tricked into terror camps

Two young Swedish women trying to escape forced marriages were recruited by terrorist organisations and forced to spend up to nine years in training camps in the Middle East, it has been claimed.

The women were reportedly approached by men and offered help to escape their marriages. They were told that they would be sent to work in refugee camps in the Middle East run by an international organisation. But when the women arrived, it transpired that the camps were military training bases for a terrorist organisation, Swedish Radio reports.

At the camps, the women were subjected to torture, in one case after an attempted escape. One of the women was held for nine years, the other for eight years, before they tried to escape. Both claim that the two camps at which they were held contain around 90 young people from Europe who had been tricked into going there in the same way. A handful of these were also from Sweden.

Kickis Åhré Älgamo, a specialist in honour-related crime at the Swedish Police Force who has met both women, says there is no doubt that the women are telling the truth. She has forwarded the case to the Swedish Security Police, Säpo.

TT/The Local