23 year old shot dead in Malmö

A 23 year old man has died after being shot in the stomach in central Malmö early on Sunday morning. The man managed to take a taxi to the MAS university hospital, but he died of his injuries soon after he arrived.

According to Peter Mangell, surgical consultant at the hospital, the 23 year old survived for long enough for the doctors to get him into the operating theatre.

“He died on the operating table. His injuries were very, very serious,” he told TT.

Nobody has yet been arrested for the murder, which took place on Gustav Adolf square at around 4am. However, police say that the square was full of witnesses and interviews were being carried out throughout the day on Sunday.

“It looks like it was a gang dispute. The 23 year old was involved in criminal activity and that could be the reason he ended up in this situation,” said Lars Förstell, information director at Malmö police.

“We have a number of different hypotheses, but I don’t want to say any more than that,” he added.

Part of the square was still cordoned off on Sunday morning as forensic experts investigated the crime scene.

TT/The Local