I’m no “party princess” – Madeleine

Princess Madeleine is well and truly fed up with her label as Sweden's 'party princess'.

“I think it’s really tedious,” said Madeleine of the regular media reports of her partying, in an interview with TT.

“Sure, maybe I used to go out now and then. But in the last three years I’ve devoted most of my time to studying. The label is still there but I feel I’m a long way away from that period.”

On Monday Madeleine completed her degree in History of Art, Ethnology and Modern History at Stockholm University. Next in line in her educational programme is an internship at the UN’s children’s organisation, Unicef, in New York.

“I’ll be in a department which, among other things, deals with protecting children in war torn countries, children in institutions and sexually abused children,” said the 23 year old princess.

It’s possible that Madeleine will visit war-affected and otherwise impoverished regions, something she’s hoping to see with her own eyes and experience for the first time.

Her sojourn in New York will last until July and she is expecting to work hard while she’s there.

“Then we’ll see what happens – maybe more studies, in which case probably international relations,” she said.

But she was reluctant to commit to any concrete plans for the future.

“I have my small plans but they need to grow a little,” said the princess.

The Local/TT