Swedes most unhappy with police

Sweden's police force has come bottom of the class in a survey of individual and corporate attitudes towards Swedish society, companies and the economy.

At the top of the league table were private dentists, private out-patient care and pre-schools. Along with the police, the country’s postal service, Posten, found itself reflecting on the worst score.

On average, private healthcare was rated far higher than the public equivalent, according to the Swedish Quality Index, for which 60,000 individuals and companies were interviewed.

Overall, Swedes were more satisfied with the economy over the last 12 months, an upward trend which, with dips in 1993, 1997 and 2003, has continued since 1989. Last year the index for the economy rose from 62 points to 66.9.

Private dentists were awarded a grade of 78.8, while the police force was rated only 49.4, just below Posten with 49.7 from private customers and 58.6 from corporate clients.

Private healthcare was given a rating of 74.0, compared to the public sector’s 65.2. State dental care rated higher than healthcare in general, with a grade of 70.7.

Swedes said that pre-school was better than compulsory schooling (grundskola), with a mark of 73.0 compared to 64.7.

Apoteket, the state-run pharmacy, was also rated highly, with an index of 71.3.

Mortgage services got the thumbs-up too, with 72.5 for the private sector and 71.3 for institutional loans. However, Swedes were less satisfied with insurance (59.0) and electricity suppliers (59.4).

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