Suspected bomb in Filipstad

Police have sealed off parts of central Filipstad in Värmland, central Sweden, after a suspected bomb was found in a mailbox belonging to the Metall trade union.

The suspect package was found when someone went to empty the mailbox.

“Cables and possibly a battery were visible, so it was closed and the police were informed,” said Bjarne Andersson, duty commander at Värmland police.

“A police officer has visited the scene and suspects it to be a primed dynamite cartridge,” he added.

Police say that no threat has been received. The mailbox in in a three-storey building, which is largely occupied by apartments. The building has been evacuated.

“The situation is now on ice until the bomb disposal unit arrives from Gothenburg to conduct a more thorough investigation,” said Andersson.

Those who have been evacuated have gathered in Folkets Hus in the town.

TT/The Local