Police blog investigated over youth leader article

Stockholm police are to investigate whether a policeman has committed a crime by writing on the internet about the furore surrounding Social Democrat Youth leader Anna Sjödin, who was involved in a brawl at the Crazy Horse bar in Stockholm last weekend.

He is suspected of having published details from the police inquiry on his private blog.

Mats Vangstad, head of operations at Stockholm police, told the newspaper Metro that he has spoken to the policeman and that he will hand over the case to internal investigators.

According to Aftonbladet, the policeman quoted colleagues who were on the scene after the row. He wrote of a policeman who said of Sjödin that “she was insanely drunk and being cocky with everyone”.

According to the prosecutor, Anna Sjödin is suspected of at least three incidences of violence. However, during two hours of police questioning on Friday the Social Democrat youth leader denied all allegations.

Instead, she said that she was the victim and reported the doorman who threw her out of the bar to the police. She accused him of assault, abuse and false accusations, stated Sjödin’s defence lawyer, Leif Silbersky.