Säpo on alert in Stockholm

Sweden's security police, Säpo, increased its personnel in Stockholm over the weekend as fears of threats against Danish and Norwegian interests in the city increased.

“We have called in people who have been working extra and following developments hour by hour,” said Säpo’s information director, Anders Thornberg, to TT.

Säpo has been in constant contact with its Nordic counterparts, said Thornberg.

For several years Säpo has said that there is an increased threat against American, British and Israeli interests in Sweden.

Generally, Säpo exercises restraint when it comes to publicising risk assessments or threats against foreign interests.

“Activities over the weekend mean that it is extremely difficult to give an exact analysis of the threat situation regarding Danish and Norwegian interests,” said Thornberg, who added that things were “easier before the weekend”.

Without giving any details, Thornberg confirmed that Säpo had produced a new risk assessment which had been handed over to the foreign ministry and Stockholm police.