Swedish transport bosses ban boobs

A saucy advertising campaign from Swedish fashion company Lindex has hit the buffers after SL, which manages Stockholm's transport network, refused to display the posters of women in a new range of bras.

But it was not the scantily-clad women which the transport bosses objected to. Instead, it was the slogan: ‘We love boobs!’

“In our judgement the text will upset certain groups in society,” said Maria Adolfsson, press officer at SL, to Dagens Media.

“We have said no to the text for roughly the same reason that they want it there – because it is intended to attract attention.”

Clear Channel, the company which owns the poster sites in stations and bus stops on the SL network, first raised concerns about the word ‘boobs’.

“They thought that people could react badly and we agreed,” said Adolfsson.

Lindex, which has now been forced to reprint 500 posters with the slogan removed, says it does not understand the decision.

“We always discuss an ad campaign in advance, especially when it’s to do with underwear,” said the head of information at Lindex, Ulrika Danielsson, to Svenska Dagbladet.

“But we are an underwear company and we want to show our customers that we have bras for everyone.”

Malmö and Gothenburg residents will be treated to the full ad – but Danielsson is not expecting any offence to be taken.

“We are a female company with a female target group and would never do anything which could be considered sexist,” she said.

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