Stockholm Syndrome: 19th June 1933

Sandviken 19th June 1933

Monday morning 7.45

Dearest, darling Stina

Yes, now I am back to my old self again. When I woke today I felt decidedly uneasy. The whole of Sunday was one big, glorious dream.

When I went to bed yesterday evening (not before midnight) I thought, this time yesterday I hardly knew “Her”. Nor do I really now, and yet it is as if we have known each other for years.

But tell me, why did you not come to the place we agreed yesterday afternoon? I wandered down towards your estate but I did not see anyone there so I continued to the station. You are not upset with me, are you? I deeply hope that that is not the case.

I have obviously not had time yet to develop the photographs I took yesterday but it will not be long before I can send them to you. I thought that I would get another address at our final meeting yesterday but since you did not come I am without it. Now I beg you to contact me soon, otherwise it would be most disagreeable for me.

I presume that you visited “Massabäck” yesterday evening too, where your Indian had the opportunity to recover. If so, I must become as “sick” as him in Stockholm. I still have not met “my” girl in Gefle [Gävle] and thus I have not yet been exposed to any cross-examination.

Now I wait with great anticipation for a few lines from you, not only a new address in Stockholm but also if possible something about yourself. I beg you not to delay too long your reply.

Yours affectionately



Translated from Swedish by The Local