Stockholm Syndrome: 19th June 1933

Sandviken 19th June 1933

Monday morning 7.45

Dearest, darling Stina

Yes, now I am back to my old self again. When I woke today I felt decidedly uneasy. The whole of Sunday was one big, glorious dream.

When I went to bed yesterday evening (not before midnight) I thought, this time yesterday I hardly knew “Her”. Nor do I really now, and yet it is as if we have known each other for years.

But tell me, why did you not come to the place we agreed yesterday afternoon? I wandered down towards your estate but I did not see anyone there so I continued to the station. You are not upset with me, are you? I deeply hope that that is not the case.

I have obviously not had time yet to develop the photographs I took yesterday but it will not be long before I can send them to you. I thought that I would get another address at our final meeting yesterday but since you did not come I am without it. Now I beg you to contact me soon, otherwise it would be most disagreeable for me.

I presume that you visited “Massabäck” yesterday evening too, where your Indian had the opportunity to recover. If so, I must become as “sick” as him in Stockholm. I still have not met “my” girl in Gefle [Gävle] and thus I have not yet been exposed to any cross-examination.

Now I wait with great anticipation for a few lines from you, not only a new address in Stockholm but also if possible something about yourself. I beg you not to delay too long your reply.

Yours affectionately



Translated from Swedish by The Local


Podcast: Stockholm Syndrome revisited

Last year The Local's Paul Rapacioli wrote a series of articles entitled Stockholm Syndrome, chronicling his experiences settling in in Sweden. Now, following an invitation from podcast site mePodium, the column has been resurrected in audio form.

Paul has done three podcasts packed with tales of crazy Swedish classes, clumsy attempts to understand Swedes and varied experiences of fellow foreigners.

The first is available for free download now.

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