Swedish police leave bleeding teen in the lurch

A 17-year old boy who had been assaulted in a knife-attack was told by police in Eskilstuna that they would not come and help him. Instead they said that he would have to "come and make a report" at the police station.

The 17-year old arrived in Eskilstuna late on Friday to visit his girlfriend, the Folket newspaper reports. On his way to her house he was attacked by 3 men who kicked him and cut him in the hand. The boy managed to escape his attackers and made his way into the railway station, from where he alerted the police. The three attackers were still outside the station at the time.

“Police told me that I could come in to make a report,” the boy told the newspaper.

“They told me the way and said I would have to get there under my own steam.”

At the police station they registered his report, but he was offered no help to stop his hand bleeding or to get to his girlfriend’s home, where his injuries could be taken care of.

Peter Bergkvist at Sörmland Police said he had looked at the way the boy’s case was handled, and said that important details had been left out of the report.

“Something has broken down here, and it is very unfortunate that the situation has turned out like this,” he said.

“We are going to interview the boy again to get a clearer picture of what happened,” he added.

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