Schyman receives death threats

Gudrun Schyman, spokesperson for Sweden's Feminist Initiative, received death threats on Monday as she was giving a lecture in Jönköping, southern Sweden.

A note was found on the door of the Folkets Bio cinema, where Schyman was speaking, with “Palme, Lindh and Gudrun” written in thick black letters. Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was murdered in 1986; foreign minister Anna Lindh in 2003.

“Of course I see it as a death threat. How else can I interpret it?” said Schyman to Jönkopings Posten following the lecture.

The politician has had ongoing contact with the security police for some time.

“I shall call them immediately and it will be up to them to decide what to do about this.”

Schyman is on a lecture tour, and is due to speak in Lund, Malmö and Ystad on Tuesday.

TT/The Local