Mother arrested over boy’s murder

The mother of a 10-year old boy who went missing in Gothenburg at the end of January has been arrested on suspicion of murder, along with her boyfriend.

The pair, from the Jönköping area were arrested at their home near Nässjö at 9.30 am on Tuesday, after prosecutors put out a warrant for their arrest. They are being held on the lowest level of suspicion, according to the police.

Police will question the couple on Tuesday, and prosecutors will then decide whether to keep them in custody.

The boy was reported missing by his mother and her boyfriend after having been left in the couple’s car in a supermarket car park in Gothenburg. But police say that nobody has been able to show that the boy ever accompanied his parents to Gothenburg. A major search operation was undertaken involving police, rescue services, army and private individuals.

“During the investigation, various things have led to suspicion being placed on the parents, and we now believe that he was murdered,” Malin Sahlström, spokeswoman for Gothenburg police, told Dagens Nyheter.

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