Injured Forsberg heads for Turin

Swedish hockey superstar Peter Forsberg was given the Olympic Games green light to travel to Turin on Tuesday but he is still not certain he will be healthy enough to play for Sweden.

The Philadelphia Flyers forward has missed the National Hockey League club’s last eight games with a groin injury.

“I’m going to fly over and see how it goes,” the five-time all-star Forsberg said.

“It’s still not 100 percent and Im going to rest a few more days. Its not certain I’m playing over there but they want me to come over and see if it heals up and if it feels 100 percent this weekend we will skate over there and get ready to maybe to play a couple of games.

“If it’s not, then I’m not going to play.”

Swedish coach Bengt-Ake Gustafsson said he is hopeful Forsberg will be ready in time for Sweden’s third game against Latvia.

Sweden’s first game in Turin is Wednesday against Kazakhstan followed by Russia on Thursday.

Forsberg’s injury is similar to the one that forced his compatriot Markus Näslund to announce on February 2 that he was going to miss the Olympics.