Greens call for Freivalds to go

One of the Swedish government’s key allies is demanding the resignation of foreign minister Laila Frievalds over her handling of the government’s reaction to the tsunami.

Peter Eriksson, spokesman for the Green Party, says that Freivalds’ testimony to the Swedish parliamentary enquiry had revealed nothing new. Asked by Dagens Nyheter whether she should now resign, he replied, “yes, you have to demand political responsibility somewhere.”

“It is appropriate that the head of a department that has failed accepts responsibility. It is a serious political scandal that the crisis was not handled better.”

Eriksson refused to say what the Greens would do if a vote of no confidence in the foreign minister was called. If they voted together with the opposition against Freivalds, she would be forced out of office.

DN reported that a number of the members of the committee had said that they favoured a harsh report.

Göran Lennmarker, the Moderate chairman of the committee said that Persson’s most senior aide, Lars Danielsson, had seriously failed in his duties. Green Party member Gustav Fridolin said he could not see how there could be anything other than a critical report.

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