Police find body in Småland lake

Police have discovered a body in a lake near Jönköping that could be that of ten-year old Bobby, who went missing at the end of January.

The body was found at 3pm on Friday in Lovsjö lake, where police divers had started work earlier in the day. The lake is about 10 kilometres south of Jönköping.

Sven Alhbin, chief inspector at Västra Götaland police said he could neither confirm nor deny that the body was Bobby’s. Swedish media are only referring to the boy by his first name.

According to prosecutor Erik Handmark, the boy was last seen alive directly after Christmas, meaning that the murder took place some time during January at the parent’s farmhouse.

The mother and stepfather of the boy were formally charged with his murder at a court in Eksjö, Småland, on Friday, and were remanded in custody.

The Local