Two massive grain silos collapse

Two 35 metre high silos in Norrköping harbour containing several thousand tonnes of wheat collapsed on Monday.

Staff at Lantmännen noticed in the morning that a silo had begun to leak. According to the paper Folkbladet, dull cracks were heard from the container and sounds like shots as nuts and bolts popped off the steel body.

Workers began to move the wheat immediately but at around 2.20pm the giant cylinder fell onto another silo, causing that to collapse too.

There are gas pipelines close by the row of silos and throughout the morning a large area was cordoned off by the fire services. After the collapse, however, the risk of a gas leak was judged as being minimal and only the immediate area remained off limits to the public.

What caused the damage was still unclear late on Monday afternoon.

“It could have been pressure caused by damp, but it’s too early to say,” said Hans Eriksson at the Norrköping fire service.

TT/The Local