Children’s ombudsman slams school environment

Dirty toilets without locks on the doors mean that children are avoiding going to the toilet at school. And rowdy dining halls mean that they skip lunch, wrote the Children's Ombudsman Lena Nyberg in a report presented on Tuesday.

In an article on Göteborgs-Posten’s opinion page, Nyberg argued that it is unfair that children in Sweden should be forced to endure a daily environment which adults would never accept in their workplaces. Failings in schools must be taken seriously and unsatisfactory conditions must be improved, said Nyberg.

The best way to create a good work environment is to allow children and young people themselves to be involved in influencing schools, but with adults taking responsibility for making sensible decisions.

Law concerning working conditions must be applied in the same way whether it relates to children or adults, wrote Lena Nyberg. She added that supervision of children’s physical and psycho-social school environment must be prioritised. Regulations concerning the buildings, outdoor areas and equipment must require that they are accessible for all students.

The new school law ought to ensure that every child has the right to professional healthcare with a school doctor, school nurse and school psychologist.

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TT/The Local