Liberals “could fight election as alliance”

The leader of the Liberal Party, Lars Leijonborg, has said that he is open to the idea of the four conservative opposition parties standing as one at the forthcoming election.

Leijonborg told Svenska Dagbladet that he and his colleagues in the alliance are keen to discuss various “technical solutions” for the election.

“We’re open to discussions about that,” he said, without advocating a specific model.

Nevertheless, Leijonborg said he could see clear advantages with a formally structured alliance, since that would mean that none of the parties risked ending up with too few votes to take a place in parliament.

Leijonborg could also consider the possibility of the alliance putting forward a common conservative prime ministerial candidate.

“When I say that we have indicated that we are open to discussing everything, I’m including that issue.”

On Thursday the alliance will convene to discuss the foundations for the four parties’ first common election manifesto. The basis of the discussion will be reports on six different areas presented by the alliance’s working groups.

Smart tactics – or a sign of weakness? Discuss!