Alliance: Reinfeldt will be prime minister

The three other conservative alliance leaders have rejected Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg's idea that all four parties could stand as one at the forthcoming election.

But they have acknowledged that if they oust the red-green coalition from power, only one person is in the running for the top job – Moderate leader Fredrik Reinfeldt.

“If we win the election it is natural that the prime minister will be taken from the party which gets the greatest electoral support,” said the leader of the Christian Democrats, Göran


“As things stand, that will be the Moderates – so if we win the next prime minister is going to be called Fredrik Reinfeldt.”

The opposition parties may be united on that, but Lars Leijonborg found little support among his fellow leaders for the idea of a single front for the election battle.

“We have already rejected this proposal once,” said the Centre Party’s Maud Olofsson.

“We other three saw it as impossible that such a decision would come from the top rather than with the voters’ involvement. We will make sure we spend time on technical and organisational matters. Now we need to focus on policies, because that’s what makes people go out and vote.”

Fredrik Reinfeldt agreed with Maud Olofsson and said that the alliance now needs to direct its energies to ensure that the voters hear the parties’ common policies.

“Our ballot papers for the respective parties are taken as given and I find it hard to see why we should start again with that,” he said.

“The format for our cooperation since the summer of 2004 works well.”

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