SD staffer quits over email storm

An employee at Social Democrat HQ who distributed defamatory emails about Moderate leader Fredrik Reinfeldt has resigned, but the party is still refusing to reveal any details about the culprit’s identity.

Tommy Ohlström, human resources director of the Social Democrats, said the party first found out about the emails on Wednesday through media reports.

Cabinet minister Mona Sahlin had earlier called for the person reponsible for the emails to go:

“Whoever did this has abused the trust they had as a representative of the party. It is nasty, it is outrageous and I really hope it is possible to get to the bottom of it,” she said as she arrived at the HQ for a meeting of the party’s board.

Moderate Party press secretary Sven Otto Littorin says his party is not satisfied with the information it has received from the Social Democrats, in which they revealed only that the person responsible is a man who has worked for the party for a number of years and who did not have a position of authority.

“We want to know who he is so that we can judge the link he has to the party leadership,” Littorin told TT.

The Moderates reported the emails to the police on Wednesday. The party is deliberating on how to pursue the case now that the sender has been identified.

“We’ve got to think about what to do, and whether it’s worth taking this to court,” said Littorin.

TT/The Local