Stockholmers warm to congestion charge

Every third resident in Stockholm district wants the congestion charge to be made permanent. That's the conclusion of a poll carried out by Sifo and published in Svenska Dagbladet on Saturday.

The figures represent a considerable increase compared to attitudes before the trial begun.

32% answered yes to the question ‘Do you think that the congestion charge in Stockholm should be introduced permanently?’ in the survey, which was carried out between January 18th and February 21st. In the last Sifo measurements, carried out in the month after November 15th, only 23% thought the charge should be permanent.

“We have seen a strong change in opinion in the mass media and it’s expected that that is also reflected in the poll,” said Gunnar Söderholm, head of the environmental office in Stockholm, to SvD.

Traffic in Stockholm’s centre lessened significantly when the trial began in January.

Since then, the reduction has settled at around 20%-25% of the level of an ordinary autumn weekday.

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