Young couple stabbed in Stockholm

A young man and woman, aged 23 and 20 respectively, were stabbed in a stairwell in a building on Nybrogatan, in Stockholm's Östermalm, at around 2 o'clock on Sunday morning.

The couple were on their way home to the woman’s apartment after having been to a nearby restaurant. They had just entered the building when two men in their twenties followed them in.

The couple were stabbed from behind and the attackers quickly fled the scene. The young man was stabbed in his neck and throat and the woman’s back was slashed.

“The man is partly paralysed after the knife attack but the woman is doing better,” said Lars Marklund at Norrmalm police to TT.

The motive for the attack is still unclear.

“We don’t know if it was an attempted robbery. The couple have given a description of the attackers but they said they didn’t recognise them,” said Marklund.

The woman called the police and ambulance services.

When police arrived at the scene they interviewed residents of the building and carried out a forensic examination of the scene. By Sunday lunchtime there were still no named suspects for the attack.