Bird flu ‘doesn’t worry Swedes’

Swedes are not worried about a widespread outbreak of bird flu despite findings of the epidemic near Sweden's border, according to a survey conducted by Swedish market-research agency Temo.

In a survey conducted in twelve countries from 13 January until 3 February, approximately 7,000 people, including 1,000 in Sweden, were asked their opinon regarding Bird Flu.

Only twelve percent of Swedes said they were concerned or really concerned about a widespread outbreak of the deadly virus in Sweden.

According to the survery, Swedes believe that the media are overplaying the risk. Only in Norway is concern less than than in Sweden.

“Swedes seem to be reluctant to heed the warning signals. The most common opinion is that the media are exaggerating,” Temo spokesman Arne Modig said.

Even following the outbreak of Bird Flu on the German island of Rügen last week, an additional survey of 1,000, conducted by Temo, showed concern at 17 percent in Sweden.

In Indonesia, where several have died from the H5N1 virus, worry over a widespread outbreak was extremely high. 83 percent of Indonesians expressed concern in the survey.

Fears were also significantly higher compared to Sweden in some countries where Bird Flu has not been found, such as the US and Portugal. Around 40 percent of both Americans and Portugese expressed concern over an outbreak of the pandemic in their respective countries.

Calmest of all were the Norwegians, where only eight percent expressed concerned in the survey.

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