SVT ‘candidate’ reports hate mail to police

One of the participants in Swedish Television's political docusoap, Top Candidate, has been sent racist and threatening mail since the series began at the end of January.

Teysir Subhi, whose mother comes from Sudan while her father is part-Eritrean and part-Syrian, has reported the letters to the police.

“It was SVT who advised me to do it,” the 18 year old told Svenska Dagbladet.

“If I wanted to bring attention to this it was better to have first reported it to the police.”

The series pits six politically-engaged young people against each other in a mock election campaign, in which they put forward their views on how to improve society.

Teysir Subhi, who comes from the Hisingen part of Gothenburg, says that she wants to become a politician and has already started a youth association to aid integration in her area. If she wins the 250,000 kronor prize she says she will use the money to form a “Streetball league” and youth centre in Gothenburg.

She said that she probably would not have reported the letters to the police if she had not been on the TV show.

“The police don’t seem to have enough resources,” she said to SvD

“I want to draw attention to the fact that the police don’t do anything about hate mail. It’s completely absurd that it should be wrong to be engaged in Swedish society just because you don’t have a “real” Swedish background.”

The final of Top Candidate will be screened on SVT on March 12th.

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