14th Century wreck found in Stockholm waters

A shipwreck from the Middle Ages was found in waters in the middle of Stockholm in the autumn, it has been revealed.

Archaeologists discovered the wreck in Riddarfjärden when they were conducting a study of the route of the new Citybanan train tunnel. The ship was built between 1350 and 1370 and was lying at a depth of 10 metres.

It is very uncommon to find vessels from the 14th Century and those which have been discovered so far were all lying on land, having been discarded.

Archaeologists at Sweden’s maritime museums are hoping that the find in Riddarfjärden will contain the well-preserved remains of its load and equipment.

Only those sections of the wreck which are sticking out of the sediment have so far been examined.

The hull is patched up with a piece of leather nailed over a crack, which indicates that the boat had been well-used and was in bad shape when it sank some time in the 1390s.

TT/The Local