Left Party slips in poll ratings

Sweden's Left Party has fallen by 1.5% in the latest opinion poll carried out by Skop. The party is now on 5.4%, and the slip breaks the upward trend of the last three surveys.

The Left Party’s fall is the only statistically certain change in the poll which was carried out between February 7th and February 28th. 1,072 people were interviewed.

A large part of the research was carried out after the e-mail smear campaign against the Moderates’ leader Fredrik Reinfeldt hit the headlines.

The Moderates saw their popularity increased by 2.8% to 26.7%, the party’s highest Skop rating since July last year.

The conservative alliance is leading the Social Democrats and their coalition partners, with 50.1% compared to 46.7%.

The latest poll ratings, along with the change from January, are:

Moderates 26.7 (+2.8)

Liberals 11.0 (-0.8)

Centre 6.4 (-0.2)

Christian Democrats 6.0 (-0.6)

Social Democrats 36.3 (+0.4)

Left Party 5.4 (-1.5)

Greens 5.0 (+0.4)