Heavy snow causes evacuations

An ice rink in southern Sweden was evacuated on Sunday after snow on the roof led beams to be dislodged.

Large volumes of snow over recent days have caused problems across the south of Sweden.

The ice rink, in Kallinge in the county of Blekinge, was cleared in the early afternoon. According to Claes Niklasson, spokesman for the emergency services, the evacuation was completed without incident.

“Work to clear the snow is ongoing. Activities in the hall have been cancelled until the damage can be inspected.”

Snow also caused problems at a school in Boda, Småland. The flat roof of the school canteen collapsed on Friday evening, Swedish Radio reported.

The accident happened at around 8pm, only minutes after the after-school club had finished for the evening. According to reports, the walls started creaking, after which part of the ceiling collapsed. Nobody was injured.

On Saturday the Bo Ohlsson supermarket in Tomelilla, Skåne, was closed after the roof was damaged by the weight of wet snow. The building was evacuated and the emergency services were called to clear snow from the roof. The store reopened on Sunday, although parts of the shop floor were sealed off.

Store manager Ronny Eriksson told Sydsvenskan’s website that there had never been a risk of the roof collapsing, but said that he thought that the roof needed 1 million kronor spending on it to strengthen it.

Heavy snowfall this winter has led to a number of tragedies elsewhere in Europe when buildings have collapsed. An ice rink in southern Germany, an exhibition centre in Poland and a market hall in Moscow have been the scenes of accidents, claiming a total of around 130 lives.

TT/The Local