Plane raid ‘an inside job’

The robbers who attacked an SAS plane at Gothenburg's Landvetter airport on Tuesday, making away with bags containing cash, must have had inside information. That is the view of the airport's security manager Dan Larsson.

“I judge it to be highly unlikely that they did not have [inside information],” he said.

The gang must have known that cash was being transported on that particular plane. They must also have known the procedures for handling transport of valuables and exactly where it would happen, he said.

Larsson drew parallels with a robbery at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport in 2002.

“The robbers there also struck when the secure load was being transferred from the plane to the security vehicle,” he said.

Security routines were tightened following that robbery, said Larsson, although would not reveal how. Airport perimeter gates have not been strengthened, however. This was clearly in evidence when the robbers were able to break through the gates at Landvetter with a car.

Larsson said that this revealed a conflict between different safety considerations.

“It must be possible for an emergency services vehicle to force open the gates in the event of an accident,” he said.