Police arrest plane raid suspect

A man in his 40s is being held by police on suspicion of taking part in the audacious robbery at Landvetter airport on Tuesday. He was arrested during a raid in Bohus just north of Gothenburg late on Tuesday evening.

“We began a massive hunt directly after the robbery and followed suspects in cars a good way from Gothenburg. Those searches meant that we ended up looking around the house where the man was later arrested,” said Malin Sahlström at the police’s information unit.

The arrest, she said, was undramatic.

“There was a large police presence, for safety’s sake. You never know what you’re going to find.”

The man is suspected of serious robbery. Police have not revealed what he said in his first interview.

During the police swoop another man was arrested and taken into custody, although on suspicion of another crime not linked to the Landvetter robbery.

It is unclear whether the police found any of the proceeds of the robbery or any weapons.

Security at Landvetter airport has been raised following Tuesday’s robbery.

“Although you might say ‘it happened yesterday so it won’t happen today’ we have tightened our routines,” said Landvetter’s head of information Niclas Henningsson on Wednesday morning.

What that entailed, in terms of personnel and technical changes, Henningsson did not say, but the group responsible for overhauling the security processes began their work on Tuesday evening.

Air traffic was back to normal on Wednesday morning. Throughout the day, staff who were targeted during the raid will be offered counselling.

At least four armed robbers were involved in the lunchtime raid on an SAS plane which had arrived from London. While the 91 passengers disembarked, the robbers attacked staff unloading the aircraft’s hold.

They are thought to have seized money bags containing millions of kronor destined for banks in the west of Sweden.

Thirty seconds before the emergency alarm sounded at Landvetter, someone reported that spikes had been strewn across a main road by the airport.

Landvetter’s head of security Dan Larsson said that the robbers must have had inside information.

No shots were fired and nobody was physically harmed.