Liberal MP back after drink driving break

The Liberal Party's economic spokesperson Karin Pilsäter went back to work on Wednesday after a few weeks' off following a drink driving charge.

She has said that she drank four or five glasses of wine the evening before, which led to an alcohol level of 0.3 parts per thousand in her blood on the morning she was stopped by police.

But Sven Andreasson, a doctor and alcohol expert at the Swedish National Institute of Public Health, said that that sounds unlikely.

“That raises some questions. I want to be careful about commenting on her case, but purely hypothetically this sounds more like the consumption of a full bottle of wine. If you knock back a whole bottle at once you’ll at most get to a level of 0.2 parts per thousand,” he told TT.

But Karin Pilsäter is sticking to her account of the evening’s consumption.

“I have read and followed what various experts have said and there are lots of different messages,” she said.

“Different tests have been carried out on different people drinking the same quantity and the measurements are very different. There are those who say that you can get to this percentage on one normal beer, others say this and others say that. I can only say that I know what happened and how much time had passed and I know what the police’s measurement was,” said Karin Pilsäter.

She maintained that she does not have an alcohol problem but would be more restrictive in her drinking in future.

The Liberal Party has proposed a compulsory rehabilitation programme for people who are found guilty of driving while over the limit, as well as any punishment.

“Since it doesn’t actually exist but is something we have proposed, I have tried to do something similar independently,” said Pilsäter.

“I have had professional counselling and contact with an occupational health group.”

She added that she hoped that her immediate admission of her “stupidity”, and facing the consequences of it, would give her a second chance.

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