Police cadet re-arrested in murder case

A 36 year old trainee police officer is being held in custody in Uppsala on suspicion of being involved with the disappearance of a 32 year old woman in Uppland last year. The district court found there to be sufficient evidence to detain him for abduction.

The prosecutor sought unsuccessfully to have him detained for murder as well.

It’s the second time the 36 year old has been held by police in connection with the woman’s disappearance. He was in custody for a week last Autumn, but released due to insufficient evidence.

“New circumstances have come to light which have strengthened our suspicions regarding the man. I can’t say anything beyond that,” said prosecutor Per Lind.

The 36 year old was arrested again on Monday at his home in Uppland.

The woman disappeared on the 8th September last year and was last seen alive in central Uppsala on the same day.

Despite an intensive investigation, the woman has not been found. Police are working on the assumption that she has been murdered.

“All the indications are that she’s been murdered. But we don’t know where the body is,” said Sven Knutsson, head of the police investigation.