Swedish Muslims to be ‘ambassadors’

Sweden's government is to send three young Swedish Muslims to Egypt and Jordan, with the aim of counteracting the image of Sweden as anti-Islamic.

The government says negative images of Sweden have been fostered in the Arab world following the publication in Denmark of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.

The trio will talk about how Muslims live in Sweden, foreign minister Laila Freivalds told newspaper Sydsvenskan. They will travel round for nine days, talking to students, politicians and opinion formers about their own lives. The trip will start next week.

“There is a need to exchange experiences,” said Freivalds during a visit to Malmö on Wednesday.

All the young ‘ambassadors’ come from Skåne. They are Othman al-Tawalbeh, 33, an imam who works in the information department of Helsinborg council, Hanin Shakrah, 24, who works on a youth project in Malmö, and Nadja Jebril, 23, a journalist from Malmö.

TT/The Local