Appeal to parents of mosque baby

An appeal has gone out to the parents of a newborn baby girl abandoned on Wednesday in a mosque in Stockholm.

Police have not been able to trace the parents of the baby, who was left in a prayer room in the women’s section of the mosque in the Södermalm district. A photo has now been released in the hope of discovering the girl’s identity.

Witnesses say a woman arrived with the baby at around 1pm.

“A letter was left which said that she was leaving the baby,” Mahmoud Aldebe, who works in the mosque, told Aftonbladet.

The alarm was raised by another visitor to the prayer room. The girl was taken to the Södersjukhus hospital, where doctors said she was probably between two and six days old.

“The child is healthy and has been well taken care of,” Bengt Hellström at Södermalm police said.

“Nobody in the mosque knows who the woman who left her there is,” he added, and said he hoped that media reports would lead them to the parents.

The baby was placed with a foster mother on Thursday, after staying overnight in hospital.

TT/The Local